Hello and very welcome to the fanlisting for Fetishes!
Whether you live out your fetishes or just dream about them, this is the place where you can show the world that you love/like them. For me, fetishes is a part of life. I believe that we all have them more or less. However, this is NOT a dating site, so you won't get any emails or anything fetish related from here. This is just a fanlisting, which list fans that like fetishes.

June 13, 2017

I'd like to say welcome to our newest fan Demora!
We are now 78 fans from 16 different countries & 0 is waiting to become part of this list. If you want to be listed here as well, head right over to the join-section. We'd love to have you here! Not sure what a fanlisting is? Head right over to the headquarter to find out. :)

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